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System Migration

System Migration

Before migrating CloudShark you will need to contact for assistance to ensure that your license will be migrated to the new system. Please also include the version of CloudShark that the backup was taken with and the reason why a system migration is required.

Perform a backup of the current system

First you will need to perform a backup of the current system. Follow the following instructions to perform the backup. For this example let us use /backups as a USB thumbdrive that is available for storing the backup files. This could instead be a remote NFS service or any other storage mechanism.

Every command listed in this document is intended to be run by the root user.

  • service cloudshark stop
  • mysqldump -uroot -pqacafe123 cloudshark > /backups/cloudshark.sql
  • mysqldump -uroot -pqacafe123 mysql > /backups/mysql.sql
  • cd /var/www/
  • tar --exclude gems -czpf /backups/cloudshark_backup.tar.gz cloudshark/shared/ cloudshark/current/
  • service cloudshark start
  • if you have changed the capture file location in the CloudShark preferences, this directory tree must be preserved as well

Migrating to a new system

Then on the new system install the same version of CloudShark that the backup was taken with and register the system with the license provided by our support team. After verifying that CloudShark is installed and running use the following commands on the new system to complete the migration.

  • service cloudshark stop
  • mysql -uroot -pqacafe123 mysql < /backups/mysql.sql
  • mysql -uroot -pqacafe123 cloudshark < /backups/cloudshark.sql
  • cd /var/www/
  • tar -pxzf /backups/cloudshark_backup.tar.gz
  • chown -R cloudshark:cloudshark /var/www/cloudshark/
  • chown -h root:root /var/www/cloudshark/current
  • service cloudshark start

About CloudShark

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

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