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Using Wireshark Preferences

Wireshark Preferences

CloudShark users may wish to modify a Wireshark preference related to a specific protocol or behavior. Wireshark supports many preferences that change the way a protocol is displayed or decoded. It is also possible to modify Wireshark preferences when running CloudShark. Modification of the Wireshark preferences file impacts all users on the system. It is not currently possible to have individual preferences for users or capture files.

In some cases, changing Wireshark preferences can have a big impact on performance. Other options may impact a CloudShark analysis tool. We recommend that you only introduce new Wireshark preferences after consulting or as directed by another support articles. You can always restore CloudShark’s default behavior by deleting the preferences file.

Installing Wireshark Preferences

Follow these steps to modify your Wireshark preferences:

  • After determining which preference entries you need, place them in /home/cloudshark/.wireshark/preferences. We recommend that you start with an empty preferences file and only add the required entries to this file.
  • This file must be readable by the cloudshark OS user.
  • Restart the caching system for the change to take effect. First, become root, then run # service memcached restart

Restoring CloudShark Defaults

You can return CloudShark back to its original behavior by deleting the preferences file.

rm /home/cloudshark/.wireshark/preferences

Next, restart the cache system as root:

# service memcached restart


After making any changes to your Wireshark preferences, you must restart the CloudShark’s cache system:

service memcached restart

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