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Wireless Capture with Airtool and CloudShark

Airtool is a free Mac OS X application that lets you check and configure wireless settings. It also performs captures across one or more Wi-Fi channels and these captures can be automatically uploaded to our public CloudShark service or your own CloudShark appliance!

If you don’t already have a CloudShark account sign up for one here now.

Once you have your CloudShark account an API token will be assigned to you which will work with the applications that have integrated with CloudShark. You can view your API token by browsing to Preferences -> API Tokens in the upper right hand menu after logging into CloudShark.

An API Token is tied to your username so keep this as safe as you would a password.

You can configure Airtool to use your API Token by clicking on the Airtool icon in your menu bar and clicking on preferences. Then configure the CloudShark settings and add your API Token. If you have your own CloudShark appliance you can configure the URL of that here as well.

In the general preferences section in Airtool you can also configure the default location where captures will be stored and this can be set to automatically upload captures to CloudShark. If you are using the free version on your capture files will also be limited to 2MB in size so you can configure a max capture size here to be sure your capture can be uploaded to CloudShark.

Once you have this configured you can take a capture using Airtool and once it has been uploaded to CloudShark there will be a message in your Notification Center that you can click on to take you directly to the capture in your web browser!

A capture file can also be uploaded manually by selecting the Upload to CloudShark option. From here you can select a capture file that you have saved and upload this to CloudShark and optionally specify tags or comments to be set as your capture is uploaded.

About CloudShark

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

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