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Updating old captures with their SHA1

Indexing SHA1 of captures uploaded prior to 2.6.0

The SHA1 of a capture file has been indexed since the release of CloudShark 2.6.0. It is available via search, but only for files that have been uploaded using 2.6.0 or greater. In order to index the SHA1 of earlier capture files, you must run the following as the cloudshark user on your CloudShark server.

First, enter the CloudShark directory:

cd /var/www/cloudshark/current

Launch the update utility by typing the following command:

bin/run CloudShark::Utils.update_missing_sha1


This command will look through your CloudShark database for entries that are missing the SHA1. It will calculate and store the hash for each file. Files that are unable to be read will be skipped. The script runs in reverse chronological order, updating the more recent capture sessions first.

Before it begins, it will tell you how many files need to be updated. The script will print a “.” to the screen for each file updated. If you have to abort the process, you may press ^C at any time. Running the command again will pick up where it last left off.


We have benchmarked our PCA1000 hardware updating the SHA1 of 66,000 files taking about 73 minutes. Your mileage may vary based on file size and computing resources.

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