CloudShark Support

CloudShark Trial

Welcome, and thank you for trying out CloudShark!

A CloudShark trial is great way to evaluate CloudShark in your network and determine if it’s the right tool for you and your organization. The trial is fully featured and includes all of our addons.

At the conclusion of the trial period CloudShark will stop functioning, however all of the data on the system is preserved.

CloudShark trial system can be upgraded to a fully licensed system at any point during or following the trial period.


You will receive an account confirmation link for the CloudShark Lounge once your trial request has been approved. Download and installation instructions will be provided when you log in to the Lounge. Our quick start will also walk you through the installation process.

Using CloudShark

Once you’ve got CloudShark installed, be sure to check out the getting started with CloudShark page for an overview of CloudShark’s most popular features. Feel free to just dive in and explore CloudShark on your own as well!

We also have a short video tour of the awesome features you’ll find in CloudShark.

Need Help?

During your evaluation you have full access to our unlimited technical support as if you were already a customer!

If you have any questions about the installation or configuration of CloudShark, or if you’re just curious about some of CloudShark’s features, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via email at or twitter using the handle @cloudshark.

We are always happy to perform a live web demo as well. If that’s something you’re interested in, please let us know.

About CloudShark

CloudShark is made by QA Cafe, a technology company based in Portsmouth, NH. Our passion for packet captures has grown out of our other product CDRouter.

Get in touch via our Contact us page or by following us on your favorite service: