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Sharing Capture Files

CloudShark users can share their capture files by copying and pasting the URL for a particular capture file into emails, trouble tickets, forum posts, chats, etc.. The URL for a capture file can be obtained from the Decoder Window or from the Sharing section of Info pop-up. The Info pop-up can be launched by clicking on the Info icon in the capture file index.

The Sharing tab in the Info pop-up has four sections:

  • Owner: This lists the owner of the capture file. *Only Administrators can change a files owner. *

  • Group Access: This attribute allows the owner of the file to share the file with a particular group and allow members of the group read only or read-write access. Note that a user can only share files with groups that they belong to. Also note that the CloudShark administrator can share any user’s files with any group.

  • Share with Guests: This attribute is only available if guest access has been enabled by the CloudShark administrator. See the sections below for more information.

  • Direct Access: This lists the URL for the capture file, which is in the following:

http://<CloudShark appliance>/captures/<12-character ID of capture file>

For example:

In addition to the Info pop-up, the sharing attributes for a capture file can also be modified using the Sharing button on the file index page. The Sharing button allows the user to bulk-modify the sharing attributes for one or more capture files.

CloudShark supports a number of advanced sharing options for capture files. The exact options that are available on a particular system depends on whether or not the CloudShark administrator has enabled guest access system-wide. The various sharing attributes available when guest access is enabled or disabled are discussed in the sections below.

When guest access is disabled, all files, including those marked as public, will require users to log in before they can be viewed. Guest access is disabled by default.

If guest access is enabled users have the option of making one or more of their capture files public. Public capture files can be viewed by guests without authentication.

Guest access can only be enabled by the CloudShark administrator or members of the CloudShark Admin group. See the CloudShark Admin Guide for more information.

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